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Supporting and Accepting of All

Most people find that they need someone to talk to from time to time. Sometimes the people around you don’t know how to be the support that you need. At times like these, it can be helpful to meet with a professional to talk through some of the things that you are struggling with. That’s where I come in.

I’m Skylar. I believe that all people have the capacity for change within themselves. It is my job to help people access this ability to be able to achieve a sense of inner peace and well being, whatever this looks like for them.



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Areas of Practice


Do you feel sad, irritable, or hopeless? Have you lost interest in things that used to bring you pleasure? Have you had changes in your sleeping or eating habits? Contact me for help with these or other symptoms of depression.

identity issues

Do you struggle with not knowing who you are? Do those around you have trouble accepting who you are? Identity development is a normal part of maturing, but issues with identity development can cause distress. I can offer you a safe place to discuss identity issues without judgement.


You may be experiencing worry, panic attacks, stomach pain, or generally feeling overwhelmed. Therapy can help alleviate these symptoms through identifying the source of the anxiety and working through triggers.


Have you noticed that your substance use has caused problems in your relationships? Do you find yourself hiding your substance use, only spending time with people who are using, or using alone? Have you tried to stop and found that you were unable to? Contact me for help with breaking the cycle of addiction.

Eating Disorders

Are you preoccupied with food, weight, and/or your body size and shape? Do you want to be able to focus on other parts of your life? Contact me for help with letting go of your eating disorder and taking back your life.

Life Transitions

You may have recently moved, switched schools, or gotten out of a relationship. Any life transition can present difficulties for people, and it can be helpful to have someone to talk things through with. Therapy can be a helpful place to work through difficult emotions associated with life transitions.


There’s nothing more intimate than simply being understood. And understanding someone else.
— Brad Meltzer


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